En 2007, il lance MURALES, sa propre gamme de vins qu’il produit dans la région de GALLURA en Sardaigne tout en continuant à exercer son activité pédagogique auprès de multiples associations professionnelles de sommeliers italiens. En complément de ses activités viticoles en Sardaigne, il a aussi ouvert un complexe agri-touristique. Enology Graduate and professional sommelier from the 80s, in 2001, Piero Canapoli founded BUONITALIA, an Italian Training Centre of Professional Sommeliers where he is also a teacher. In 2002, he became advisor to several winemaking projects in Central Europe and especially in Romania. In 2007, he launched MURALES, his own range of wines produced in the region of Gallura in Sardinia, while continuing his cooperation with several professional associations of Italian sommeliers. In addition to his winemaking activities in Sardinia, he also opened an agritourism complex.

Location Private Gallery - V Lesicku 7 – Prague 5 (Smichov)

Price : 5 000 CZK
Due to the limited numbers of participants, registration is strongly advised.
Registration and information:
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by phone (+420) 723 696 365

Language : Italian – Simultaneous English translation
Course duration : 12 hours – Two hours per lesson
16/04/2013 19:00–21:00

1. The rules of wine tasting, general principles.
Visual analysis. Olfactory analysis. Gustatory analysis
Tasting of three Italian wines.
17/04/2013 19:00–21:00

2. Viticulture (A great wine begins in the vineyard).
Tasting of three Italian wines.
18/04/2013 19:00–21:00

3. Oenology. Wine making and aging techniques.
Tasting of three Italian wines.
22/04/2013 19:00–21:00

4. Sparkling wine production and special wines.
Tasting of three Italian wines.
23/04/2013 19:00–21:00

5. Tasting of International wines (France, California, Spain, Chile). 24/04/2013 19:00–21:00

6. Sommelier duties. Opening and uncorking a bottle of wine: techniques and styles.
How to serve wine. Tasting of three Italian wines.

NB : A second and a third course will follow, focusing on knowledge of world wines, depth study of the sensorial analysis covered during the first course and a taste workshop on wine and food pairing techniques.