The Taste of Sardinia will be a real journey of the senses that will bring spice to your life with a unique and fascinating event held at a former Art Nouveau Theatre in Prague.
Chef Ivo Koudelka will prepare unique culinary masterpieces from genuine Sardinian products, accompanied by Cannonau and Vermentino wines, a reading by Sardinian author Michela Murgia, traditional music by the Tenores Nugoresu vocal ensemble and popular songs by Maria Carta and Fabrizio de Andre.
This imaginative journey will take each traveler deep into the genius loci of the island, giving an intimate sense of its unique mystery and magic.

The Taste of Sardinia: Three artistic moments and four gourmet sequences with Ivo Koudelka, Chef of the Ichnusa Botega Bistro in Prague: Culinary masterpieces
Cantina Murales di Olbia: Wine degustation.
Michela Murgia, writer, winner of the 2010 Premio Campiello prize: Reading a selection of her stories about Sardinia (in Italian with English subtitles).
Tenores Nugoresu, vocal quartet: Traditional Sardinian songs a cappella (Inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, 2008).
George Pacurar, voice and guitar: songs of Maria Carta and Fabrizio de Andre

Saturday 22 of October 2011 | AMEDIA HOTEL Bořivojova 53 Prague 3