Venice, the city of dreams and imagination!
Being so unique, La Serenissima sparks off daydreams, fuels the wildest fantasies, be they aristocratic, bleak, libertine, baroque or romantic…
Yet, if you want to come anywhere close to its true self, you must cross to the other side of the (Venetian) mirror and discover it “in the flesh”.

Like for Sardinia last October, this new gastronomic and cultural journey to the heart of the City of the Doges would like to give you a Taste of... Venice in the form of its flavours, music, images, wines, and laughter in Prague’s charming and convivial Theatrino. Thus, subtly combined, the Sarde in saor, Commedia dell’arte, the Valpolicella, Monteverdi, the Baccalà mantecato or the Fegato alla veneziana will compose the multifaceted and mysterious image of the city where “beauty is life itself”.
Venice, the city of dreams and imagination!

The Taste of Venice
Three artistic moments and four gourmet sequences with:
Ivo Koudelka, Chef of Ichnusa Botega Bistro in collaboration with Samuele, Chef of Riviera Restaurant in Venice: culinary masterpieces MAKRO Cash & Carry s.r.o: typical products from Venise and Veneto Region
Fabio Gorgolini and Fabio Marra - Commedia dell’arte
Collegium 1704 - Baroc music from Venice (XVIIth century): Monteverdi, Caccini, Strozzi...
Prague Modern Ensemble - Contemporary Music (Luigi Nono) and Images of Venice

Sunday 18 of March 2012 | AMEDIA HOTEL Bořivojova 53 Prague 3